What is the Visualizr?

The Visualizr is a Mobile Publishing Platform that allows Publishers to present their content as a beautiful, personalized magazine.

How much does it cost?

The Visualizr is FREE.  We do not charge for its use. We'll only share with you the revenue generated from ads. Moreover, we can guarantee 20% increase in your mobile revenue.

How will it appear on my site?

The Visualizr adds on either as floating icon to the bottom left of your site's footer or as a full scale mobile solution. Check out our Getting Started Guide to learn more.

How does it look on mobile?

The Visualizr is fully responsive, so users can enjoy the experience on any mobile device, including wearables. 

What about my current ads?

You'll keep running your ads just like you did before. The Visualizr adds a new, premium real-estate for new ads that will help you monetize your traffic.

what are the benefits for my  site?

You'll engage your mobile users with a visual, personalized magazine. Time on site will increase and you'll create new revenue opportunities on mobile.