5 Steps to Making More Money from your Mobile Website

1.     Visualize your content to be mobile friendly

It is already old hat to say that you cannot dump your website on a device that is 10% the size of a laptop screen and expect someone to take you seriously. But there is considerably more to the visualization of content in order to make it really mobile friendly. Are you in a position to support two separate sites? Or if you think adaptive/dynamic serving will provide a mobile user with an easily read and enjoyable experience, think twice. And a CMS like WordPress may deliver a static site on mobile devices which is reasonably usable but there is a lot more to mobile viewing than scrolling through content.

2.     Choose the right platform

Choosing the perfect monetization platform for your mobile site can be a tricky issue. The Visualizr (http://www.visualizr.me?ref=blog) is a great example of a mobile optimization platform that does a lot more than provide mobile visualization. The Visualizr showcases and monetizes a publisher’s website content on mobile devices as a very attractive “personalized magazine”. Responsive web design software dynamically restyles content for mobile web consumption thereby substantially increasing page views and time spent on your mobile site.

3.     Make the experience personal

It is paramount for readers to get the content which most interests them. Users also love to consume their content in a magazine format. That is why you need to make the reading experience as personal as possible for your users. It also has to be attractive, extremely readable, and content clever. Vexigo (the company behind the Visualizr) has a patented contextual analysis engine – which performs a real-time analysis of visitors’ navigation behavior and, based upon processed information, populates mobile devices with those elements of your website content that are most relevant to each visitor. The result, of course, is a “personalized magazine”.

4.     Pick the right ad units

And the same holds for advertising monetization. Gaining access to a huge mobile ad inventory is great but that is only the beginning of the process. What is an ad worth if it is not placed effectively and site owners fail to see a real increase in ROI? Choosing Native Ads – that blend seamlessly into your mobile feed targeting selected readers – and adding Premium Ads – which are prominently displayed along with your content – are two ways to increase your revenue. Statistically, visitors view such content-associated ads five times longer than unrelated advertising. It is quite obvious that readers will give much more attention to well-placed, full-screen pin-pointed advertising directly associated with a visitor’s reading preferences.

Publishers must have full access to all the advertising options: display, video, rich media, sponsored content. Advertisers are constantly seeking premium advertising such that their messages are focused on a select audience with precision targeting. This is just what the Visualizr does. The advertiser scores with highly directed ads and the publisher significantly increases revenues. Can you think of a better arrangement?

5.     Video makes a difference

We mentioned video. It is important that a video ad is creative, engaging, and relevant. There are major implications to the fact that such ads are far less likely to annoy viewers as they are intended for specific interested parties. This is backed up by a range of studies which have shown that the best ads on mobile devices increase brand awareness by 17%, brand favorability by 14%, and purchase intent by 18% (AdReaction).

Full-page, enhanced video advertising can simply not be beat. It gains a viewer’s attention and holds it for the time frame of the message. When a viewer gets involved in an ad, it stands a good chance of being successful. Studies have found that of all mobile users in the survey, 69% viewed video ads and 40% of these visited a website mentioned in the video ad (AdIndex for Mobile Norms).

We hope this blog post has enticed you to learn more on actual steps that you can take to increase your revenue from your mobile site. And we recommend you explore the Visualizr and benefit from this great monetization tool: http://www.visualizr.me?ref=blog